NYU Case Study

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Case Study:

NYU Tisch Online Degree Program Marketing Campaign



Increase applications for the first fully online 15-month program for Fall 2024.



With only two weeks left in the outreach program, NYU had:

  • 5 submitted applications
  • 71 applications in progress


Launched a targeted newsletter campaign with a $2,500 investment to:

  • Highlight program benefits
  • Drive urgency
  • Encourage applications


The newsletter campaign generated significant interest:

  • 350 clicks
  • 127 total applications (+56 from start)
  • 45 submitted applications (+40 from start)
  • $72,000 tuition/application

Ad Placement:


NYU Tisch is offering their first online Master of the Arts Media Producing program.

The 15-month program will feature the following courses:

  • Producing Essentials
  • Script Analysis
  • Production Management
  • Entertainment Business Law
  • Deal Making and Business Development in Media / Creative Fundraising
  • Post Production / Marketing and Distribution
  • Electives
    • Media Mavericks
    • Festivals and Marketing
    • New Technologies
    • Internship

The thesis is a research paper or producing a short film, or a prospectus including:

  • Story outline
  • Production outline
  • Set safety outline
  • Days in production
  • Post-production plan
  • Budget

​All courses for this master’s degree will be taken remotely and are fully online.

Coursework is asynchronous and follows a weekly schedule, allowing students to watch the pre-recorded lessons and participate in crew-based and individual assessment activities.

In each class, there will be weekly 75-minute synchronous sessions.

​Students have the opportunity to participate in a curated experience at The Sundance Film Festival.

​Producing is more than just a profession; it’s an art form that demands a global, forward-thinking approach to bring new, compelling stories to the silver screen.

Learn more about the instructors.

​Check out a more detailed description of the program here.

The application deadline is February 1, 2024. Apply here.


Client Feedback

“The newsletter created a significant jump in applications. We will certainly be in touch about promoting our programs again!”

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