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Acting is both collaborative and solitary.

Once you’re booked, it’s incredibly collaborative, you rarely perform a scene without a partner or director.

On the other hand, it is solitary.

Prepping for an audition, breaking down a script. And if you don’t know how to work with yourself, by yourself, you will be, gambling every time you get on a set.

It is the long game. It really is. If you want to be Anthony Hopkins when he’s in his eighties, find a technique that sustains you.

Because there’s no replacing repetition and practice.

The Atlantic, founded as an ensemble of impassioned students in 1985, has grown into a powerhouse Acting School and a Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning Off-Broadway Theater Company, and, has helped thousands of actors sustain a career.

Atlantic Acting School’s alumni include:

  • Elizabeth Olsen
    • Martha Marcy May Marlene
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • Rose Byrne
    • Bridesmaids
    • Neighbors
  • Jessica Alba
    • Fantastic Four
    • Sin City
  • Zach Woods
    • Silicon Valley
    • The Office

William H. Macy, one of Atlantic’s founding members, broke down the cornerstone of Atlantic’s teachings, the “Practical Aesthetics” technique:

“There’s a difference between what the character is doing and what the actor is doing…. Everything you do on stage, every objective you have on stage, you have to be able to accomplish it. It has to be accomplishable in real-time without any wind-up.”

Simple, honest, and straightforward, Atlantic Acting School demystifies the process of acting by giving actors a very clear set of analytical and physical tools.

Their two-year Conservatory is a full-time program empowering aspiring actors with technical, creative, personal rigor, and a lifelong community that sustains success.

The curriculum includes:

  • Script Analysis
  • Voice
  • Speech
  • Movement
  • Performance Technique
  • Moment Lab
  • Shakespeare
  • Staging Intimacy and Violence
  • Film Scene Study
  • Auditioning
  • Business

Wyatt, who graduated in 2019, stated:

“At Atlantic, I think it’s all about getting reps in. I’ve done it so many times that I’m no longer afraid of the playing field. I’m capable of allowing the words to play me. Rather than me playing the words.”

The training produces skilled, brave actors intent on truthful storytelling and generous, collaborative ensemble members adept at producing their own work.

The 2-year Conservatory program begins August 26th, 2024, in New York City.

The deadline to apply is May 15th.

For More:

A detailed description of the two-year conservatory can be found here.

Apply to the two-year conservatory here.


Designed for the working actor, Atlantic Theater’s Evening Conservatory distills the physical, emotional, and analytical tools of acting into a concentrated three-semester program. Students will push beyond their creative comfort zones to take their talents to new heights.

The curriculum includes:

  • Script Analysis
  • Performance Technique
  • Moment Lab
  • Voice
  • Speech
  • Casting & Monologues
  • Movement
  • Business

Michelle from the class of 2018 stated:

“The Atlantic technique has given me so much confidence. When I get an audition or take on a new monologue, I have a toolkit that makes connecting with roles so much more fluid and natural.”

The Evening Conservatory begins September 3oth, 2024 in New York City. Monday – Thursday, 6:45 pm – 10 pm.

The deadline to apply is May 15th.

A detailed description of the Evening Conservatory can be found here.

Apply to the Evening Conservatory here.


Applicable to either the 2-year Full-Time Conservatory or Evening Conservatory programs: the New Voices Scholarship is for domestic applicants and the Global Perspectives Scholarship is for international applicants.

Both New Voices and Global Perspectives offer $2,000 of tuition scholarship for each year a student is enrolled. This is a unique opportunity to put your most creative personal self forward in a video submission format. We want to hear your story.

Check out all the scholarship opportunities here.

New Voices & Global Perspective Scholarship applications are due May 15!

Written by Gabriel Miller.

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